• Over 4 hours of newly-discovered music of Miles’ last great band
  • Features Keith Jarret on electric organ/piano!, John McLaughlin, Jack DeJohnette, Gary Bartz, Motown bassist Michael Henderson, and Airto
  • Fiery, passionate, intense, futuristic – Miles at his blistering best!
  • Prior to this release, this band went almost undocumented
  • 96-page, full-color book with brand new essays/reflections by each band member
  • Impeccable sound! – 24-BIT DIGITALLY REMASTERED
  • The Miles Davis Deluxe Box Set series has garnered 8 Grammy awards to date!

Here is the Miles Davis collection that his legions of American fans have most eagerly awaited. The Cellar Door Sessions documents the great trumpeter-bandleader David at the helm of one of his most stimulating and electrifying groups.

The sextet on The Cellar Door‘s bandstand – Davis, saxophonist Gary Bartz, Keith Jarret (playing electric organ and electric piano), Motown bassist Michael Henderson, drummer Jack DeJohnette, and percussionist Airto Moreira – is a sheer marvel of kinetic energy. And adding more visionary pyrotechnics is the blazing guitar of John McLaughlin. Every member of this Davis band has subsequently proved to be a major figure in jazz; in his own way, each has placed a highly personal stamp on improvisation during the past 35 years.

In 1969, Miles told Downbeat‘s Don DeMichael, “I could put together the greatest f*&%$g rock band you ever heard.” Well, here it is – a band breaking on through to another side – the fearless and peerless territories of funkmeisters James Brown and Sly Stone, and rock deity Jimi Hendrix. The music on these six discs, running nearly six hours, adds up to a stunning document of the sonic cross-breeding spearheaded by Miles and his “children.”

Bringing additional luster to this deluxe package are six highly-individual essays of four unforgettable nights by each of the men who, with their leader, were exploring the heavens and creating the music that elevates The Cellar Door.


  1. Directions [Live]
  2. Yesternow (Live)
  3. What I Say (Live)
  4. Improvisation #1 (Live)
  5. Inamorata (Live)



  1. What I Say (Live)
  2. Honky Tonk (Live)
  3. It’s About That Time (Live)
  4. Improvisation #2 (Live)
  5. Inamorata (Live)
  6. Sanctuary (Live)



  1. Directions (Live)
  2. Honky Tonk (Live)
  3. What I Say (Live)



  1. Directions (Live)
  2. Honky Tonk (Live)
  3. What I Say (Live)
  4. Sanctuary (Live)
  5. Improvisation #3 (Live)
  6. Inamorata (Live)



  1. Directions (Live)
  2. Honky Tonk (Live)
  3. What I Say (Live)
  4. DISC 6
  5. Directions (Live)
  6. Improvisation #4 (Live)
  7. Inamorata (Live)
  8. Sanctuary (Live)
  9. It’s About That Time (Live)