Tune In To Miles-Bass Webinar January 22

Miles-Bass, a free webinar with Ron Carter, Dave Holland, Marcus Miller, and Darryl Jones, with sp ...

- January 20, 2021 -

Miles Monday With Ron Carter – JAZZIZ

Ron Carter is the most recorded jazz bassist of all time, with more than 2,000 album credits to hi ...

- December 21, 2020 -

Christmas Eve Concert with Ron Carter & Russell Malone

You are cordially invited to a Christmas Eve Concert streamed from the home of Ron Carter. A duo p ...

- December 17, 2020 -

Watch Shoplifting with Erin Davis & Vince Wilburn, Jr.

Check out what happens when Miles Davis’ son, Erin Davis, and nephew, Vince Wilburn, Jr., ...

- December 16, 2020 -

Miles Monday With Richard Howell – JAZZIZ

Richard Howell is a Bay Area saxophonist who has performed and recorded with numerous pop, soul, a ...

- December 7, 2020 -

Miles Davis On #SpotifyWrapped2020

- December 2, 2020 -

Miles Monday Dedicated To Vince Wilburn, Sr. – JAZZIZ

No live episode of Miles Monday tonight. Instead, enjoy this throwback episode with bassist Christ ...

- November 30, 2020 -

Miles Monday: Mahavishnu Orchestra’s Ralphe Armstrong – JAZZIZ

Ralphe Armstrong is a bass player from Detroit, Michigan. While still in his teens, he was hired b ...

- November 23, 2020 -

Miles Davis Featured In ‘A Promised Land’ Barack Obama Playlist

Miles Davis’ “Freddie Freeloader” from the album Kind of Blue has been included ...

- November 17, 2020 -

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