The jazz genius, who died in 1991, could be notoriously hard on his fans - Davis would play entire concerts with his back to the audience - and downright brutal with the press.

The jazz genius, who died in 1991, could be notoriously hard on his fans - Davis would play entire concerts with his back to the audience - and downright brutal with the press.

Chris Botti is a huge Miles Davis fan. Botti, the very versatile trumpeter, knows almost everything there is to know about Miles Davis.

Listen to the podcast on and here Chris Botti's passion.


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Miles at the 30th Street Studios in New York in July 1958 during the recording of "Porgy and Bess", his monumental collaboration with Gil Evans that transformed the George Gershwin opera into a cool jazz masterpiece. It's no surprise from Davis's look of satisfaction that he would later consider the album to be one of his all-time personal favorites. For more information, visit

The San Francisco collective known as Jazz Mafia will pay tribute to Miles Davis next Tuesday with a special show at Yoshi's in San Francisco. The group - which merges jazz with hip-hop elements - will perform two sets: Birth of the Cool at 8 p.m. and Electric-era Miles (In A Silent Way, Live Evil, Bitches Brew, and Tutu) at 10. Tuesday, May 25, 8 p.m. ($18), 10 p.m. ($10); or $22 for both sets. All ages.
By Paul Gessell, Ottawa Citizen

Where are we going today?
To see We Want Miles, a lively exhibition about the late American jazz musician Miles Davis at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, 1380 Sherbrooke St. W.

Why does an art museum have an exhibition about a musician?

Hank Jones, whose extraordinary combination of versatility, craftsmanship and creativity during his nearly eight-decade career earned him the reputation as a jazz pianist's pianist, has died. He was 91.

Jones died Sunday at Calvary Hospital in New York after a brief illness, publicist Jordy Freed said.

"We Want Miles" is more than a biography of one of jazz's most important figures.

It is also a multi-sided look at the man and his music.

While Franck Bergerot is the author, the book also contains essays written by saxophonist Dave Liebman and producer George Avakian, among others. Bergerot, who wrote 53 liner notes in the Complete Columbia Album Collection, is the editor-in-chief of Jazz Magazine. He knows his stuff and has put together a good biography divided into eras.

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"Miles didn't just play instruments - he played people."

Jazz had long stood at the forefront of groundbreaking music: pushing new ideas into popular culture, worshipping the beat, the rhythm, the groove which stood quite simply for the disenfranchised and the downtrodden.

By Juan Rodriguez, Canwest News Service

Miles Davis wrote in his scabrousautobiography about being invited to a White House dinner in 1987. An older woman asked the not-so-modest trumpeter what he'd done to merit being there. Davis shot back, "Well, I've changed music five or six times." Drum roll, please ...Davis was hailed as "The Picasso of Jazz," a phrase that Nathalie Bondil, director of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, appropriated to explain the multimedia exhibition We Want Miles: Miles Davis vs. Jazz, which opens on Friday.

Fifteen years and eight Grammy Awards after its launch in 1996, Columbia/Legacy's critically acclaimed Miles Davis Series continues to honor the most prolific and influential figure in 20th century modern jazz. In celebration of Miles' 84th birthday on May 26, 2010, the stage is set for a multi-tiered commemoration of the life and times, and the music and art, of Miles Davis.


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