Vince Wilburn Jr. talks heroes, projects, and Uncle Miles on the Drummer Blog at Here is an excerpt:

Hello, MD readers. Vince here. I consider myself eternally blessed. From an early age, I was able to experience music from the very best seat in the house—backstage. My mom took me to all the greatest gigs, giving me a rare chance to see, hear, and really experience music, unlike other kids my age. For that, I am forever grateful. The other great blessing was having Miles Davis as my uncle. Music became very personal to me. It’s part of my DNA.

My love for the drums began in kindergarten, on Chicago’s south side, when I was chosen to be the “Little Drummer Boy” in the school play. A few grades later I noticed that the guy who could play the coolest beats on the desk could always get the classroom dancing when the teacher wasn’t in the room. One day I played James Brown’s “Cold Sweat” beat on my desk and suddenly I was the man.

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