In Miles Ahead, two things have been universally praised: How Don Cheadle captured the physical and vocal essence of the legendary trumpet player and — of course — the music.

In addition to utilizing actual recorded work by Miles Davis, the Miles Ahead soundtrack features a score by composer/pianist (and Houston native) Robert Glasper.

“[Miles] didn’t care what people thought when he was doing something new and they had a problem with it. He wanted to make social music for his time,” he said. “Music has to move with you.”

In fact, those very attributes inspired Glasper to put together a completely separate record coming out this month, Everything’s Beautiful. It features “reimagined” versions of Davis tunes that combine samples of both released and unreleased music from the trumpeter (as well as Davis’s trademark raspy voice), Glasper’s new music, and contributions from guest singers, rappers and instrumentalists.

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