Don Cheadle was not going to make a conventional biopic when he set out to direct Miles Ahead, his recent film about Miles Davis’ mid-Seventies lost years. … Pianist and producer Robert Glasper – who scored Cheadle’s film and makes a cameo near the end — took a similar approach to Everything’s Beautiful, a new album that features his reworking of Miles Davis material from the Sony vaults.

Artists have remixed Davis in the past, but Glasper was after something different. … The Everything’s Beautiful cast includes MCs, singers and instrumentalists, who help Glasper – acting more as producer than player here – create entirely new songs using elements from Davis’ original recordings. … Some pieces sample the iconic trumpeter’s horn, but just as often, Glasper and his co-producers grab snippets of Davis’ studio chatter (one of which gives the album its name), parts played by famous sidemen such as Evans or other trace elements. “I feel like people diminish Miles to the trumpet,” Glasper told Rolling Stone. “And he’s so much more than that, so I made it a point to have him incorporated in every track but in a different way.”

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Photo by Don Q Hannah