Actors Don Cheadle and Ewan McGregor arrived in style for the filming of their first scenes of the Miles Ahead movie this week, driving a green Jaguar down Seventh Street.

Cheadle, dressed as jazz icon Miles Davis, and McGregor, playing a long-haired Rolling Stone reporter, hopped out of the car Monday in front of the Cincinnati Bell building, which stood in for CBS headquarters in New York in 1979.

… Cheadle, an Oscar-nominated actor (Hotel Rwanda), makes his directorial debut and stars in Miles Ahead, set in 1979 New York as the musician was ending his five-year “silent period” out of the public eye. In the script co-written by Steven Baigelman and Cheadle, Davis enlists Rolling Stone reporter Dave Brill (McGregor) to retrieve a recording stolen from the musician’s home.

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Ewan McGregor on the set of Miles Ahead

Actor Ewan McGregor walks across Seventh St. in downtown Cincinnati during the first day of filming for Don Cheadle’s Miles Ahead. Photo credit: Madison Schmidt, Cincinnati Enquirer