Miles Ahead is making its world premiere as the closing-night film at the 53rd New York Film Festival on October 11. Here is what The New York Times says about the film, which depicts moments in the life of the legendary Miles Davis:

Anyone who wants to get a jump on possible Oscar nominees for 2017 — as I said, it’s never too soon! — should check out “Miles Ahead,” the closing-night film, directed by Don Cheadle, who also stars as the jazz trumpeter Miles Davis. Blending musical biopic standards (ill-starred marriage, drug addiction, record-company shenanigans) with caper-movie riffs (pistol-whippings, car chases, sketchy deals with shady characters), “Miles Ahead” at its best is as witty and knowing as Mr. Cheadle’s sly, whispery performance. The music is pretty good, too.