In June of 1972, Miles Davis entered Columbia’s 52nd St. Studios to record music that was eventually released as On The Corner and part of Big Fun – stuff that was so far out and future perfect, it was its own genre. The world finally caught up. Now fans can experience The Complete On The Corner Sessions, a collection of over 6 1/2 hours of music covering Miles’ studio recordings from ’72 to ’75, whose reputation precedes it and retains the signature spirit of an artist ever-changing.
The Complete On The Corner Sessions includes over 2 hours of previously unreleased material, plus 5 tracks available for the first time in unedited form. As a bandleader, bringing in influences as diverse as funk, R&B, jazz, world, rock and 20th century classical music – a place where Afro and Indo and Stockhausen and Sly Stone and Hendrix and James Brown were one nation under a groove – Miles was breaking down boundaries and creating a music whose elements could be extracted for any musical genre, and in turn influenced a whole new generation of artists. This innovation of style, in concert with producer Teo Macero’s creative editing technique, laid the foundation and informed whole new genres… drum & bass, hip hop, electronica.
Inside, read extensive liner notes from arranger/composer Paul Buckmaster, music journalist Tom Terrell, and multi-Grammy® winner Bob Belden, plus dozens of rare photos of the musicians. This last set in the “metal spine” series documenting Miles’ career, chronologically, as bandleader – agent provocateur – is the ultimate in electric funk-rock jazz taken to a whole other level.