“New Miles Davis boxed set features his Quintet at its peak.”
“…one of the most advanced small groups in jazz history.”
“…the newly issued material captures a decisive moment of creation.”
– The New York Times

…illuminating dialogue..”
“The alternate takes and the lively banter plop you right there in the studio as the artistic process unfolds.”
– Pitchfork

“Bootlegs reveal the inner workings of Miles Davis’s creative process.”
– The Wall Street Journal

“…the quintet’s moody, textural signature sound is on riveting display.”
– Rolling Stone

“5 out of 5 stars”
“..this music is revelatory…”
“…a must-have…”
“…hoping there are more of these ‘bootlegs’ to come.”
– DownBeat

“The power of the second Miles Davis Quintet, with Williams, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, and Ron Carter, lies in present-tense discoveries, not past-tense artifacts, and here is the essence of who they were…this is the real thing, the new canon.”
– Esquire

“Underscores second Quintet’s brilliance”
“…one of jazz’s greatest bandleaders, and arguably the greatest small jazz group ever.”
– Okayplayer

“..equally as enticing and as scintillating a discovery as any of the previous sets.”
“…dark, creative heart of Miles’ second great quintet..”
“Muted blues, modal stretches, creative abandonment, subtle, graceful solos…”
– Elmore Magazine

Modern jazz was changed forever by this enzymatic quintet.”
“…essentially defining the genre.”
““Dolores,” “Footprints” and “Gingerbread Boy” still resonate with excitement, freshness and forward vision after half of a century, while the drums leading concept of “Nefertiti” still confounds, shocks and inspires.”
“…intriguing revelation…”
“The various reels of each song reveals the flexibility and creativity of the band…”
“Any self-respecting Miles Davis fan will have to own this…”
– Jazz Weekly

“5 out of 5 stars”
“…virtually unparalleled in the history of jazz..”
“…to hear the machinations behind their creations here is almost as fascinating as the ‘finished product’ itself…”
“…completely unself-conscious, and fearless…”
– All About Jazz

“For deeply committed lifelong students of Miles Davis’ music, history and personality, it’s absolutely essential…”
– The Buffalo News


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