Today in Chicago, a new fine-art exhibition entitled Next Level Badass: Francine Turk & Miles Davis seeks to preserve and translate Davis’ legacy for a new generation.

Through September 22, the exhibition features work by visual artist Francine Turk. Turk’s numerous interviews with the Davis family and unprecedented access to Miles’ sketchbooks and private journals resulted in the widely varied show opening at Expo Chicago today.

“He had this very natural ability to compose a page,” she explains. “They say that was his best talent, that he was a master composer. He was also known for the way he used space in music — it was very much about the notes he didn’t play. So I paid a lot of attention to the areas he left blank on a page.”

Miles’ nephew Vince Wilburn, Jr. seems to feel completely at peace with the choices he and the other executors of the estate have made in preserving Miles’ legacy.

“I think we’re doing right, because we do it tastefully and methodically,” Wilburn says. “It’s a spiritual and instinctual process. We don’t know where he would be now in his career, but we try to gauge what he would favor and not favor.”

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Photo by Robert Hoffman