All About Jazz recently spoke with Vince Wilburn, Jr., nephew of Miles Davis, about Miles Ahead, the upcoming directorial debut of Don Cheadle, who plays Miles in the film.

AAJ: What’s your impression of the movie?

VW: If you go and see the movie, go with an open mind. And try to get something out of it. If the music hits you. Or there was something that Miles did in the movie, and you say, ‘Oh, man. Don nailed it.’

I’ve gotten calls from people who said, ‘Miles didn’t drive a certain car.’ I don’t want to give the movie away. But don’t go to the movie with those types of thoughts. It’s a movie. It’s entertaining. Don kicked ass in it. Go with an open mind. Just as you would listen to some music you’ve never heard of by uncle Miles. His mind was open and evolving. Approach the movie like that. That’s my suggestion. It’s not a bio pic.

AAJ: How did Miles influence you as a musician?

VW: I call it Miles Davis University. All the students came through it. Plus he was a life teacher, not just music. … He was knowledgeable. He told me to save money. Invest money. When you go on stage, always dress impeccably. Don’t wear any damn thing. … He was a proud black man. A proud man. … It was always about the advancement of music. Evolving, that’s what he was about. Never stay complacent. It wasn’t about money. He made great money, but it was in his heart. What he set out to do was keep it moving and keep it fresh. Never resting on your laurels. That’s what he did until the day he passed away.

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