The New York Times has selected Miles Ahead as one of its Critics’ Picks. The newspaper writes:

Purists may howl, but they’ll also miss the pleasure and point of this playfully impressionistic movie. Big-screen biographies tend to come in one flavor: the bittersweet hagiographic. Most are polite exhumations that follow the often great man of history/art/politics arc with the usual highs and lows, witchy and whiny women, and transcendent payoff. Miles Ahead has these, including the transcendence; this is, after all, about Miles Davis.

But which Miles, which period, which sound? It’s a little of this, a lot of that, with melody, rhythm, harmony. … Mr. Cheadle, making his directorial feature debut, switches times, moods and modes effortlessly … [and] doesn’t judge; instead, he presents Miles as a man of complications and contradictions.

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