Pitchfork has given Miles Davis Quintet – Live In Europe 1967: The Bootleg Series Vol. 1 a rave review, awarding the box set a 9.0 rating and naming the set “Best New Reissue.” Here is an excerpt:

Live in Europe 1967 …does show off the central thrill of jazz– spontaneous interplay among dangerously skilled players– as well as almost any other collection you could name. …Miles’ music changed drastically in the period following Live in Europe 1967. LPs such as 1969’s In a Silent Way and 1970’s Bitches Brew are still some of the most compelling jazz-crossover experiments ever attempted. And Miles’ sidemen would make equally important contributions to the movement that came to be known as fusion.

Live in Europe 1967 is essential: You get to hear exactly how these virtuosos were behaving just before the big change occurred. They were still operating in an old mode, small-group acoustic jazz, but they were interrogating it relentlessly, seeing how far they could stretch its conventions without ditching them altogether. Before they could break into the larger world of pop, they had to reach jazz nirvana, and that’s what they attain on Live in Europe 1967. The aesthetic here is less easily definable than those heard on Kind of Blue and Bitches Brew, but it’s no less significant. At its heart, jazz thrives on bold, sensitive interaction in the moment, and Live in Europe 1967 represents the pinnacle of that practice.

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