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See original paintings, sketches, drawings and other artwork created by Miles Davis, and much more. Click here.

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I would like permission to use one of Miles Davis Picture in the center of a quilt, or to make a calauge in the center of a quilt, borderded by wax prints, I don't know if there is a market for such a quilted wall hanging or not?

yours truly:
Herman Collins

Hello, how can I contact the person

in the Estate who grants permission

for the use of his music in a You Tube

video ? I am planning to create a

You Tube video that will last for

approximately 17 minutes.

I hope to use 69 seconds of any Miles

Davis piece that you will give me

permission to use on the soundtrack.

I will put captions on the screen while

the music plays. The captions will be

about Miles' friend Dorothy Kilgallen.

His 1990 autobiography says they were


Please email me at

Thanks for your time and attention.

Cordially, Kathryn


  • United States