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Hi all.

I wanted to offer something special that my father left to me. My father was a good friend of Miles and he spend lot of time at our home in Belgrade, Serbia. My father, Michael Blam, also wrote a book about Miles. Michael Blam was one of biggest European jazz bass player. You can find it on internet.
The thing that I'm talking about is one and only audio record in the world. All the other tapes were probably destroyed during war in Serbia 1999. It is a Miles Davis concert live on 2 matrix magnetic tape BASF recorded 1986 on XVII Belgrade Jazz Festival. They are in great condition. I believe that $2700 is more than a fair price. Please contact me by e-mail or phone nr +381-60-322-8040. Just a reminder, I am in EU, Serbia at the moment but I can organise shipment easily (I work for NCR).

Dear fans and art collectors,

I want to sell my Les Femmes silkscreen. It comes with a certificate of autenticty.

Let me know if you're interested at


Dear Fans and Art collectors,

I have two Oil on Canvas Paintings which Miles Davis painted for my mother in the 90's, and unfortunately I have to consider selling due to personal circumstances.

Please let me know if it might be of anybody's interest.

Thank you in advance,


P.D. You can contact me under

If I wanted to showcase artwork on here do I sent to the manager of this site or just post on my comment section?

Hello, I am student of the fine arts in France and I painted a triptych on Miles Davis, in three period of his life. Whoever to interest here is my e-mail: Thank you

To see them it is here :!2013/cgwr

I have a small -- maybe 11 x 14 -- pen and ink drawing on beige cardboard-like that says Miles Davis sideways, along the side, that is. Might this be an original Miles work? Where could I see what his signature looked like?

I bought a drawing by Miles in 2002 at the Sadlers Row Gallery,in Petworth,UK.
It's called 'On Stage' and I want to know when it was painted.
It's for sale if anybody is interested.
Please contact me

HI, im an artist from the UK who has just finished a painting of miles davis. I think if you are a big fan of miles like I am someone would love it. If even just curious I'd love to hear back from someone.

Hi, yes, I have an acrylic on canvas original painting by Miles and Jo Gelbard called ' What it is'. It is 60"by 30" approx and was pained in summer 1990. It is signed by Miles and is, in my opinion, a brilliant expression of Miles' inner demons and genius.

I bought it in 2005 and am selling it reluctantly to fund another venture.

I'm asking £50,000 sterling which is very good value given its likely future value and the fact that there are so few of these originals. Please contact me on if you are interested.

Is there any chance to buy Miles' paintings prints? or reproductions?


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