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  • After all, the MUSIC that this man created is what is important. Yeah, Miles the man was a pretty interesting guy. You can pick up any of several biographies on Miles - or surf the web (I've listed some of the more interesting books and web sites below), but here you'll find discussion of the music. The music of Miles Davis demands respect that transcends the man - just as the man transcended the music. It worked that way for Miles.

  • The major musical force of the second half of the 20th century. Period. Bigger than rock, bop, pop, hip-hop or any genre label stuck on for Miles to sneer at. Miles Davis - The Prince of Darkness - brooding and reclusive on stage, addicted at various times to heroin and cocaine. Miles Davis - The Chameleon of Modern Music - restless, always moving ahead - despite what his audience, critics or sidemen would prefer - even when they knew better.
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  • Even more than John Coltrane, Miles Davis' cultural icon status has overshadowed his music. So it's worth mentioning that he was a masterful trumpet player who explored the instrument's lower register and tended to play slower, more lyrical lines, often deeply melancholy, rather than the showers of high notes of Dizzy Gillespie and his imitators. If you're new to Miles it's easy to get confused, as he released a multitude of records during a 45-year career, in a bewildering array of different styles.
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