This DVD brings together some of the highlights of Miles Davis’ Montreux Jazz Festival shows stretching back to his first appearance in 1973 and up to his final concert there in July 1991, just a couple of months before his death in September of that year.

Track Listing:

  1. Ife (1973)
  2. Speak; That’s What Happened (1984)
  3. Code M.D. (1985)
  4. Pacific Express (1985)
  5. Jean-Pierre (1986)
  6. Heavy Metal Prelude (1988)
  7. Jo Jo (1989)
  8. Hannibal (1990)
  9. The Pan Piper (1991)
  10. Solea (1991)

Bonus Features:
An insightful and personal interview with Carlos Santana talking about his memories of and relationship with Miles Davis and how he was influenced by him.