Miles Davis: Dark Magus: Live At Carnegie Hall

Miles Davis: Dark Magus: Live At Carnegie Hall
Dark Magus: Live At Carnegie Hall

In January 1973, David Liebman, the saxophonist who played on the first sessions of On
The Corner let himself be persuaded to play with the group. It really wasn’t his kind of
music, but he thought that “it was where things were happening,” and as was his habit,
he joined the fray. And it was prodigious, even if Miles had reduced his band in an
attempt to radicalize the Afro-funk directions of On The Corner. No more keyboards,
except for a few touches by Miles himself and no more Indian instruments. What
remained was Al Foster’s powerful drumming, Michael Henderson’s deep grooves,
James “Mtume” Forman’s Afro percussion and, at first, two and then three guitars.
Pete Cosey—a habitué of the blues and the Chicago Black avant-garde—revisited Jimi
Hendrix’s legacy, in his own iconoclastic way, using a guitar tuned in Hendrix’s particular
fashion, and all kinds of accessories. Reggie Lucas took charge of the rhythm, and
throughout 1974, Dominique Gaumont contributed a solo guitar in the more classical
Hendrix style. Invited without warning to join them on stage at the time of the concert,
Azar Lawrence took several steps into the spectacular jungle of sound titled “Tatu.”
Original issue: CBS/Sony LP (J) 28AP 2165/66
in 1977 in Japan
Producer: Teo Macero
Engineer: Shuichiro Hoshin
All compositions by Miles Davis
Miles Davis (tpt, org); Dave Liebman (ss on
CD1, track 1; fl on track 2, ts on all other tracks);
Azar Lawrence (ts on CD 1, track 3);
Pete Cosey (el-g); Reggie Lucas (el-g);
Dominique Gaumont (el-g);
Michael Henderson (el-b); Al Foster (d);
Mtume (perc)
Recorded live at Carnegie Hall, NYC
on March 30, 1974

Disc 1

1 Moja (Part 1)[a]
2 Moja (Part 2)[b]
3 Wili (Part 1)[c]
4 Wili (Part 2)[d]

Disc 2

1 Tatu (Part 1)[a]
2 Tatu (Part 2)[b]
3 Nne (Part 1)[c]
4 Nne (Part 2)[d]


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