Miles Davis cast a long shadow over jazz history, a shadow that most musicians after him have warmed themselves in, soaking up the incredible influence that he had on the development of the jazz art form. The Miles Davis Experience developed by CAMI Music in conjunction with Blue Note Records seeks to illuminate the life and times of this legend, and this compelling presentation of Davis’s life until 1959 told his story through the words of other and, most importantly, in his own words and music.

Twenty years after his passing, Miles Davis' musical legacy remains as potent and relevant as ever. The music of this true legend echoes through our culture, influencing and inspiring as only great art can. Please help us celebrate the memory of this iconic artist by enjoying this free stream of "All Blues" from "Miles Davis Quintet: Live In Europe 1967 – The Bootleg Series Vol. 1."

Miles Davis Quintet, Live in Europe 1967: The Bootleg Series: Available Now On iTunes

Music critics are praising "Miles Davis Quintet - Live In Europe 1967: The Bootleg Series Vol. 1," released this week! Here are some of the reviews:

"It's arresting to hear this one-of-a-kind-band in its element." - Los Angeles Times

(Los Angeles, CA) - Miles Davis Properties, LLC is responding to allegations regarding the original East St. Louis home of late jazz icon Miles Davis, disputing media reports that the property has been left unattended to deteriorate.

The Miles Davis family spends thousands of dollars yearly to maintain the property which suffers from repeated vandalism. The family has hired a contractor, whose team regularly visits the home to re-secure and update as necessary. Unfortunately, the vandalism occurs much quicker than the regular recovery efforts set forth.

This month offers two distinct looks at Davis' legacy, one a rewarding dip into the live vaults while the other uses the jazz legend's music as a springboard into something more exotic.

The first, released Tuesday, is the beginning of a planned series of "Bootleg" sets that includes three 1967 concerts by Davis' vaunted "Second Great Quintet." ...It's arresting to hear this one-of-a-kind-band in its element.

The new deluxe 3CD + DVD package "Miles Davis Quintet - Live In Europe 1967: The Bootleg Series Vol. 1" is available in stores starting today! Now is your chance to own authorized audio recordings of the Second Great Quintet performing full-length concerts in Antwerp, Copenhagen, and Paris, and video of concert sets in Karlsruhe and Stockholm.

If you missed it, check out the Miles Davis Live In Europe 1967 Video Trailer below:

On Monday, the St. Louis Miles Davis Festival presented a jam session featuring East St. Louis Senior High School's "Miles To Go" Jazztet. The event, in honor of Miles Davis, was designed to educate and raise money for young jazz musicians, while appealing to all generations of music fans. You can read an article about the Festival in the Riverfront Times.

Around that time everything was in flux. Music, politics, race relations, everything. Nobody seemed to know where things were going: everybody seemed confused— even a lot of artists and musicians who all of a sudden seemed to have more freedom than we ever had to do our own thing. — Miles Davis on the year 1967

If you missed Vince Wilburn, Jr.'s interview about Miles Davis last week on WSIE Jazz 88.7 FM, it is now available for download as an MP3 on the radio station website. Check it out!


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