Video: Don Cheadle Readies His Trumpet Chops For 'Miles Ahead' - Okayplayer

Don Cheadle‘s highly anticipated directorial debut in Miles Davis biopic Miles Ahead is no longer a thing of fiction. Here is an exclusive clip at Okayplayer with the astute actor jabbing through some licks on the trumpet and with Erin Davis (son) and Vince Wilburn, Jr. (nephew) in a cooled-out discourse. All of this comes as a companion to the newly launched IndieGoGo campaign that will crowdsource funding for the film.

Miles Ahead at Indiegogo

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I am begging Vince, Erin and Don to change the marketing poster for the film. Gun violence is a plague in America today. When I think of Miles, he's got a goddam trumpet in his hands, not a snub nose .38. You are going to turn an awful lot of people off with that shot. If for now other reason think of the fans you will alienate who are passionate on this subject. I honestly don't think Miles' would approve of that picture today. The marketing seems to be using a shot that appeals to angry young black men with guns. As a HUGE Miles fan (over 130 CDs in my collection) who loves Miles and believe he is perhaps the most important American cultural icon, I'm begging you, please change it. This is not dignified.

I can only hope someone connected to the Davis family reads this.


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