Tony Cornelius At SXSW Soul Train Tribute March 17th

Tony Cornelius, close friend of Vince Wilburn Jr., both from Chicago, will hit SXSW for the very first time to participate in a SXSW Q&A that honors his father, the late Don Cornelius, in paying tribute to Soul Train – still the hippest trip in America.

SXSW Soul Train Tribute

The SXSW -- Soul Train Q&A Pays Tribute to Legendary Music Icon Don Cornelius with NPR’s Dan Charnas and Tony Cornelius, son of Don

Soul Train founder Don Cornelius is a pop cultural icon who paved the way for numerous urban and crossover acts, with the highly innovative and influential Soul Train weekly television series. The culturally significant American institution became a national launch pad for showcasing the latest names in urban music, outrageous fashion and hip dances – making Soul music a mainstream global genre. Soul Train offered a window into African American music and culture, and its charismatic host, Don Cornelius, was the man responsible for a new era of expression. He created a media empire that provided an outlet for record labels and advertisers to reach a new generation of music fans, and was one of the first African Americans to own his own show. Soul Train skyrocketed nationally and firmly secured its place in television history by becoming the longest running, first-run syndicated series in history. Don has impacted the music industry in a truly profound way and the Soul Train legacy will forever be ingrained in our culture. As LA Weekly says: “Soul Train taught a two-left-footed, rhythmless nation how to groove.” And, you can bet your last money it will be a stone gas honey. Soul Train was, and will always be, the hippest trip in America.

Please join us as Dan Charnas explores the Soul Train phenomenon and pays tribute its rich history and legacy with Tony Cornelius, son of Don.

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