Miles Davis Sets The Bar - An Interview With Erin Davis and Vince Wilburn, Jr.

In a new interview with The Revivalist, Erin Davis and Vince Wilburn, Jr. discussed Miles Davis and The Second Great Quintet, how musicians are keeping jazz alive, and "Live In Europe 1967: The Bootleg Series Vol. 1." Here is an excerpt:

"Being around Miles he always sets the bar. ... Back then as the guys walked on the stage it was like Michael Jordan or Jeter, you had to have the mind set to kick some butt. And Miles had that thing, and being around him you had to produce. It was innate. ... And when we played with Miles, we felt it too. You had to just come with it. If you made mistakes it was okay. ... They did their rehearsing on stage. You don’t get that anymore. Miles set the bar and anybody who had the opportunity to play and be around that, had to come with it. Including us, family or no family."

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