The Miles Davis Fan Project - We Need Your Help!

Miles Davis fans, we need your help! We are creating an album of the Miles music you “Like”. For the month of August, check Miles Davis’ official Facebook page to listen to tracks and ‘vote’ by “Liking” the tracks you want to hear on the new album set for release in September – the songs with the most “Likes” will be included in this release.

Additionally, we need help naming the album AND creating the cover artwork. Please send your album name submissions to with the subject line ‘ALBUM TITLE’. Please send your artwork to with the subject line ‘ALBUM ARTWORK’.

Miles Davis Facebook fans will have the opportunity to vote on the album title and cover art submitted by YOU to be included in the forthcoming release!

Cover Art Specifications:

  • Resolution: 300 DPI / 300 pixels per inch
  • Colorspace: CMYK
  • Image size: 5x5 inches / 1500 x 1500 pixels
  • File Format: .TIFF

No layered files, no compressed files.

For the official rules regarding The Miles Davis Project click here.

Link to Rules:
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I advise to you in good faith.
I do not think that you know what they want of you Miles fans.
They don't want such a best album.
I believe this plan will end in unsuccessfully.
I think you have more precious recordings such as last concert.
I wonder why you don't release such recordings.


please tell me you're going to add BLUE IN GREEN to this album. or BLUING or GREEN HAZE.


...for being a ornery sob, the man could play that horn....take you places you never realized existed and hey, no matter what goes on the album it's all good...;P


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