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Miles Davis was an icon who changed the world of jazz and music forever. This Memorial Day, also the birthday of the beloved trumpeter, New York City will honor his legacy with a block party celebrating the official unveiling of “Miles Davis Way” (West 77th Street between Riverside Drive and West End Avenue). ... Dr. Nancy Berk recently had the opportunity to chat with Miles Davis’ son Erin and nephew Vince Wilburn, Jr. for her podcast Whine At 9.

... Miles’ son Erin admits, “We couldn’t be more excited–we’re just trying to wrap our heads around the whole situation.” He and cousin Vince, along with sister Cheryl Davis oversee Miles Davis Properties LLC and are intimately involved with maintaining the integrity and creativity of the music great’s legacy. The family plans to be in New York City to participate in this special honor.

Losing a parent and family member is devastating, but the family of Miles Davis has forged together and found comfort and satisfaction in working with his music. Says Erin, "Part of the legacy he left me was that I got to work on his stuff with my cousin (Vince) and my sister (Cheryl Davis). And even before that, his sister and brother were a part of our estate as well–Vince’s mom and our uncle, Uncle Vernon. So we all used to work on it together and it would really bring us together."

Vince Wilburn, Jr., Miles Davis’ nephew, notes that Davis “set the precedent for what musicians should strive for. He didn’t rest on his laurels. He was always trying to evolve and change music. And it rubbed off on all of us–still to this day.” When asked about the most important music lesson he learned from his dad, Erin admits, “A lot of it has to do with sort of being true to yourself–making the music for yourself first. And not worrying about what someone might say, critics or whatever."

Read more at PARADE and listen to Dr. Nancy Berk's interview at Whine At 9, on Stitcher Radio, or on iTunes.

Miles Davis Way

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