Experiencing The Altar Of Cool

Miles Davis cast a long shadow over jazz history, a shadow that most musicians after him have warmed themselves in, soaking up the incredible influence that he had on the development of the jazz art form. The Miles Davis Experience developed by CAMI Music in conjunction with Blue Note Records seeks to illuminate the life and times of this legend, and this compelling presentation of Davis’s life until 1959 told his story through the words of other and, most importantly, in his own words and music.

The mixed-media presentation included the musical contributions of the acclaimed Ambrose Akinmusire Quintet with narrative support from Donald E. Lacy, Jr. Lacy’s energized narration, as well as clips of Davis’ own scratchy voice, imbued each piece with greater meaning, so that music and picture and narration blurred together into a continuum of emotionally affecting experience. The reverential feeling in the way the musicians occupied each note made it feel as if they were coming together in a small, intimate house of worship, bowing their heads at the altar of the cool, as anyone who has ever heard this icon is sure to do.

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