Acclaimed Drummer Vince Wilburn, Jr.: A Master Of Dynamics

Vince Wilburn, Jr. is featured in a new article at Here is an excerpt:

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Vince began drumming on pots and pans at age 5 and dreamed of owning one of the drum kits he saw in catalogs and magazines. When Miles Davis came to Chicago, Vince was always fascinated by Tony Williams, Jack De Johnette, Al Foster, or whoever had the drum throne. At nine years of age, he was invited by Miles to sit in on a set with his band...Chick Corea, Jack DeJohnette, Wayne Shorter, and Dave Holland. Although Vince was classically trained at the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago, he still considers those iconic drummers he witnessed performing with his uncle and from his backstage observations as major influences on his decision to become a drummer.

One of Vince Wilburn, Jr.’s proudest achievements is his current collaboration with several members of the original Miles Electric Band. Vince called each musician personally and put the alumni band together in 2010. ...In 2012, Vince reunited with them for the sold-out Miles Davis Tribute concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California. “This is not a ghost band - just a great group of musicians who loved playing with Miles and had admiration for the Chief,” states Vince. The ensemble is currently planning a fall 2013 European tour as well as the release of the recording of the band’s live performance at Martyr’s in Chicago.

As an entrepreneur, Vince is a frequent presence at trade shows, festivals, and many other official dedications that honor his uncle. ...He and his cousins – Erin Davis and Cheryl Davis – ...via Miles Davis Properties, LLC ...carry Miles’ enduring legacy forward by producing various events, providing consulting services, producing films, negotiating product placement, approving merchandise, and the unveiling of the Miles Davis Forever postage stamp. To date, 23 million units of the postage stamp have been sold.


Vince Wilburn, Jr. at Hollywood Bowl

Miles Davis' nephew and drummer Vince Wilburn, Jr. performs with the Miles Electric Band at the Hollywood Bowl on June 27, 2012. (Photo credit: Lawrence K. Ho)

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