Miles Davis: In Paris Festival International De Jazz May, 1949

Miles Davis: In Paris Festival International De Jazz May, 1949
In Paris Festival International De Jazz May, 1949

The radio crackles; the announcer praises the human spirit with the pomposity of a
cultural attaché. But already the drummer rumbles in the background, and the trumpet
cries out. The critic Maurice Cullaz takes the microphone, and with the terse enthusiasm
of a sports commentator, introduces “the most modern form of jazz, the bebop style.”
We are hearing, live from Salle Pleyel, May 8, 1949, the Festival of Jazz in Paris, where
Miles Davis landed the night before with Tadd Dameron. Four years earlier, someone
had said that he had no technique—in spite of the fact that Miles had started out with
Charlie Parker, and then learned the acrobatics of bop from the pianist’s compositions,
and received the full backing of the genre’s master drummer Kenny Clarke. Miles had
just founded a revolutionary nonet in New York, and he was elated after the welcome
he had received in Paris. The return to American reality would, alas, be something else,
and Miles would go through a long purgatory before recovering the critical acclaim he
had received in Paris. Henri Renaud, who was then head of the jazz department at CBS
France, released this recording for the first time in 1977.
Original issue: Columbia LP JC 34804
in November 1977
Producers: Bruce Lundvall, Henri Renaud
Engineer: Unknown
May 8, 1949 (a)
Miles Davis (tpt); James Moody (ts);
Tadd Dameron (p); Barney Spieler (b);
Kenny Clarke (d)
May 9, 1949 (b)
Same personnel as May 8, 1949
May 8, 9, 12, 14 or 15 (c)
Same personnel as above.
Recorded live at the Paris Festival
International de Jazz, Paris, France

1 Rifftide [a]
2 Good Bait [a]
3 Don't Blame Me [a]
4 Lady Bird [a]
5 Wahoo [b]
6 Allen's Alley [b]
7 Embraceable You [b]
8 Ornithology [b]
9 All The Things You Are [b]
10 Lover Man* [c]
11 The Squirrel* [c]


  • United States
  • France