Miles Davis Discography

Miles & His Disciples - Daring, Ferocious, Mysterious

When Miles assembled Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Tony Williams he had a band that straddled both the traditions of jazz and the new frontiers that lay ahead. ESP was the first studio recording that captured the interplay and creative potential that the band was to develop. Miles Smiles is one of the best small group jazz albums that Miles made and the music was daring and ferocious. Sorcerer and Nefertiti were mysterious albums that captured the impressionistic side of the Quintet. Both albums were recorded during June and July of 1967 and reflect the band as a work in progress. Miles In The Sky pointed to the changing direction that Miles was seeking as he added the Fender Rhodes Electric Piano to his arsenal of sound as well as the incorporation of funk into the band's rhythmic palate. This group was one of the most influential bands in jazz. The Complete Live At The Plugged Nickel captures the band in performance and the working methods are shown on this box set.

Miles Davis Quintet - Live In Europe 1967: Best Of The Bootleg Series Vol. 1
Miles Davis Quintet - Live In Europe 1967: The Bootleg Series Vol. 1


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