Miles Davis Discography

Like Minds - The Genius of Miles Davis & Gil Evans

These albums are the definitive examples of how Miles Davis' voice was the catalyst for Gil Evans' lush and simpatico orchestrations. Miles Ahead was the first major production that Columbia undertook on behalf of Miles and the music is powerful and exciting. Porgy And Bess furthered the collaborative efforts of Davis and Evans with this glorious recording. On Porgy And Bess Miles was given the background by Gil Evans that allowed him to be the "singer of songs" that Gil wanted him to be. Sketches Of Spain (based on Rodrigo's "Concerto De Aranjuez for Guitar and Orchestra") was the most successful blending of jazz and classical music and created for Miles a sound that he developed further in his career. Quiet Nights was an attempt to define the Brazilian sound that was becoming fashionable during the early Sixties. The album has some fine moments, but failed to live up to the other three.

My Funny Valentine
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