Re: Consumer Concerns: The Complete Columbia Album Collection


I'm not sure what changes are going to be made to the re-manufacturing of the box, but I would like to suggest the following changes in order of importance:

* A stronger box, or at least the box should be shipped with adequate packing and protection such as bubble wrap, unlike the box which I received from Amazon which was split on the sides and which also resulted in the book inside being crushed

* No glue on either side of the CDs

* The inclusion of the additional liner notes which were added to the most recent re-issued CD versions of Miles' albums

* Protective inner sleeves for each CD (this would have at least negated the glue problem to some degree)

* Protective resealable cellophane covers for each album

* Better-assembled (better-glued) album covers

So SONY/LEGACY, please make an announcement ASAP as to what changes are going to be made to this re-manufactured box set.


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