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Dig this: The first album I owned was the ten inch with Bags Groove and Bemsha Swing. From then on I was influenced by Miles in dressing and presentation. Growing up in Harlem, I stood outside Count Basie's on 7th Ave. in the rain to hear who the new drummer was that replaced Joe. Philly Joe Jones became a friend of mine in LA, when he was there to receive a Grammy for STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN, and borrow one of my Gretsch Drum Sets. I told him things about myself and following Miles' band in the 50's. He was surprised to learn that I was there. I was intimidated by their presense. After hearing me play, Joe said that he thought I was "the best kept secret in jazz drumming." I can validate that. Miles influenced me in many ways, being a Gemini too. When I play, everyone in the room stops talking, and other drummers sit down and listen.
What I most importantly want to contact you about, Vince, is that I think that I could write the screenplay. I have written considerabl; having published two books A ONE-YEAR DIARY OF AN AMERICAN TEACHER IN CHINA, WUI Writing Under Influence (A collection of poetry written from 1967 to 1990. In addition to many plays and screenplays, last year I completed a screenplay based on the biography THE CHEVALIER DE SAINT GEORGE,by Alain...


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