Looks good, content poor

Nice collection and a valuable task bringing together all Miles Davis records in papersleeves in a box.

But much has been wasted. Let me list some thoughts.

The first thing is the step backwards compared to the seven Complete Columbia box sets. Who actually now wants to miss the extended versions of albums such as Bitches Brew or In a Silent Way or still wants to hear the strongly edited original album versions of let's say a Jack Johnson or On the Corner ?

Secondly, it is completely incomprehensible to me why in the case of Pangaea and Agartha and possibly also in others the old masters have been used (thanks to the other reviewer before me mentioning this as well). Why haven't actually the existing Japanese SACD-issues been used ? This would have been a strong purchasing argument to many audiophile buyers, who have most of the normal CD verisons already, and would not have hurt the CD buyer. Sony, how badly are you treating your invention SACD ....

Third, is that really all the interesting bonus material there is ? The material included definitely would be no buying incentive to me.

Finally, I am wondering who actually is the target client for such a pricey CD box. The longstanding fan will own too much of it, some even in better or extended quality. The newcomer is not likely to shell out USD 300 plus for such a box.

Best regards Michael


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