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  • He explained that the statement made ​​by the classical canon, but at the same time looks unusual due free legal music to the mixing of genres, presenting a rather something between a circus and theater major. "There is an idea to kill the genre, kill direction", - said the director.

  • Serbian director Emir Kusturica in August 2013 put the rock festival KUBANA their punk opera download mp3 music "Time of the Gypsies", to the press release, Received "Heathcliff."

    One-half hour production, which premiered in 2007 in Paris, will be shown on the first day of the festival. Specifically for the organizers to build a special stage, meeting all the requirements of the authors of the opera. Equipment and decoration company will bring with him from France.

  • Throughout a professional career lasting 50 years, Miles Davis played the trumpet in the style of lyrical, introspective, and melodic, often using a stemless Harmon mute to make his sound more download mp3 personal and intimate. But if his approach to his instrument was constant, his approach to jazz was dazzlingly diverse.


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