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  • A week ago I written a news release article exclusively for about my new Miles Davis book coming out in February 2011. The release was meant to appear on Thanksgiving Day but possibly due to either the holiday or a back log of other news scheduled to be released, my article was pushed back and released a day later on Black Friday.

  • I think currently there is a Miles Davis exhibition going on now in London too, I would have to look into it more. It maybe more or less a display about his artwork only though. I’m very jealous of you because I live in Tokyo, I have no idea when or if any Miles Davis exhibits at all will ever come to this city. I’m glad to hear though that you enjoyed yourself. One of these days I may have to save up to travel to go see something like this.

  • Recently, four days ago on Halloween day on I posted a news press release discussing a little bit more about my new Miles Davis book “Miles: The Companion Guide to the Autobiography” and myself. For anyone interested in knowing more about the project please check the following link that is linking to the news story.

    In addition to this if anyone would like to stay updated on the entire project leading up to the release date please refer to the official page on Facebook over at the following link.


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