Miles Davis Properties, LLC Responds To Allegations Regarding The Original East St. Louis Home Of Late Jazz Icon Miles Davis

(Los Angeles, CA) - Miles Davis Properties, LLC is responding to allegations regarding the original East St. Louis home of late jazz icon Miles Davis, disputing media reports that the property has been left unattended to deteriorate.

The Miles Davis family spends thousands of dollars yearly to maintain the property which suffers from repeated vandalism. The family has hired a contractor, whose team regularly visits the home to re-secure and update as necessary. Unfortunately, the vandalism occurs much quicker than the regular recovery efforts set forth.

The Miles Davis family has made several trips to East St. Louis over the last 10 years cultivating their relationships and resources to establish the home as an historic site. The family has met with, and spoken to several political representatives to accomplish this goal. To date, there has been no definitive interest. The family also offered the house to charitable organizations; and to the City, who declined due to lack of funds to insure the property.

In closing, Miles Davis Properties, LLC has put forth every effort possible to position the home as an historic site; to donate the property to charity and to the City of East St. Louis; and to regularly maintain the home and property from the effects of repeated vandalism.


Cheryl Davis, Erin Davis & Vince Wilburn, Jr.

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Rashid "The Jazz Aficionado" Booker

As both a Miles fan since my teens, and as an architect: I've seen the house. My solution - sell the property and get over it. Buildings are considered historical based on their architectural value, as well as their age. Seldom on who may have lived in it at some time. In this case,it wasn't even a long time; nor did anything really historical happen here.
The family is putting the focus on the wrong thing: the house he once lived in rather than the genius of an artist that he once was. We don't need this kind of distraction.

A very lame response. The question is why they have no interest to do it themselves.

I believe it is extremely sad and a statement of our times that such an iconic piece of our history is not able to be taken care of. I black politicians come up with money for many projects not nearly as important as maintaining the memory of one the most influential musicians of our time. This includes President Obama who claims he is such a great fan of music. I hope and pray that your efforts may come to success.


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