Miles Davis: Water Babies

Miles Davis: Water Babies
Water Babies

In 1976, when Miles’ withdrawal from the scene seemed to go on forever, Columbia
released an album bringing together two different periods on each side of a single LP.
Side A featured three sublime pieces composed by Wayne Shorter in the spring of 1967.
The opening waltz inspired each member of the quintet to such heights that one doesn’t
know who to listen to first—even if the major part was nothing but a concerto grosso of
cymbals that accompanied the improbable score of nuances modulating the regular
beat of the Charleston cymbal. In “Capricorn,” Herbie Hancock doesn’t come in at all
until his right hand solo, but on “Sweet Pea,” his two hands join with those of Ron
Carter and Tony Williams in a collective improvisation that the rhythm section maintains
throughout Shorter’s homage to Billy Strayhorn. Side B offers two strange constructions
from November 11 and 12, 1968. The electric piano’s swabs of color and the unison
of the piano and double bass continued the shift that had begun with Filles De
Kilimanjaro, leading to In A Silent Way and Bitches Brew the following year.
Original issue: Columbia LP C 34396
in November 1976
Producer: Teo Macero
Engineers: Fred Plaut (tracks 2 and 3)
and Stan Tonkel (tracks 1, 4, 5, 6)
June 7, 1967 (a)
Miles Davis (tpt); Wayne Shorter (ts);
Herbie Hancock (p); Ron Carter (b);
Tony Williams (d)
June 13, 1967 (b)
Same personnel as June 7
June 23, 1967 (c)
Same personnel as June 7
November 11, 1968 (d)
Miles Davis (tpt); Wayne Shorter (ts);
Chick Corea (el-p); Herbie Hancock (el-p);
Dave Holland (b); Tony Williams (d)
November 12, 1968 (e)
Same personnel as November 11
All tracks recorded at Columbia 30th Street

1 Water Babies [a]
2 Capricorn [b]
3 Sweat Pea [c]
4 Two Faced [d]
5 Dual Mr. Anthony Tillmon Williams Process [d]
6 Splash [e]
Producer: Teo Macero

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