Re: Miles At The Fillmore - Miles Davis 1970: The Bootleg Series Vol. 3 4CD Box Set To Be Released March 25

Thank you guys so very much for the Miles at Fillmore release! It is incredible. Beautiful package too. For years listening to Miles Davis at Fillmore was like having a big ol' jigsaw puzzle that you knew was incredible but someone had taken away over half the pieces. We had to sit around wondering what each show sounded like.

This release is amazing. First things that occur to me:

1. Steve Grossman was done a disservice with the edited release. His tenor sax playing is great!
2. That wild stuff that Corea/Jarrett/DeJohnette/Holland engage in had no context in the original release and it sounded out of place. Now it's in context and it sounds great!

The whole release is just smokin' hot. In my opinion this is the very best posthumous Miles Davis release, even better than Cellar Door. I predict a Grammy for this one.

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