Re: 50eme anniversaire de Sketches Of Spain !

I have been searching for the trumpet sheet music for the Miles classic Concierto de Aranjuez; in particular the trumpet intro at the 54 second mark into the song. I have checked on-line and various music stores in my area. So far, no luck; I think it may out of print or simply not available. My search is for an ongoing art price I am working on that pays tribute to the son. It has always had a calming effect on my mind and soul. It is It will be part of an continuing tattoo on my left arm. I would also like to know the make and specific model of the trumpet (and other brass) that Miles used throughout his career. My image and final art piece will include Miles’ outline similar to the cover of Sketches of Spain with the actual notes coming out of the trumpet. Can anyone out there in the world of Miles Davis fans help me out?

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